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Time was when in the era of Chiang and Chiang, Mr Guo Moruo?was a taboo in Taiwan.??Young people like me then?could know nothing about him except endless opprobrium against him from the intellectuals of culture circle, especially from?Prof. Xie Binying and some archeologists.? Mr Guo was widely?demonstrated as a shameless sycophant, chameleon, and plagiarist, even a philanderer as well, regardless of his remarkable achievements in poetry, drama, history, archeology,?and calligraphy.?

That was simply because Chiang hated?Mao and communists, so he hated everything and?all people?that had been associated with CCP, and Mr Guo was a leftist and not a fan to Chiang, such as Hu Shi.? Now it is?the hour that we gave Mr Guo a fair evaluation, and the?article attached below may serve as a beginner:??????



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